Hotch and Foyet (BTS, 100) - From @CThomasHowell

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Criminal Minds season 7 - E! News Interview - Behind the Scenes (05-10-2011)

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@K_T_RIB Paget brought a Friends Trivia game and made me go through every card looking for a question about her.

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yeah, thanks babygirl…*sigh*

btw, this is bts from the first day (or rather, night) of shooting of Criminal Minds 7x08 - “Hope”, which Kirsten had said to be a Garcia-centric episode.

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I think I forgot to post this (not sure)… The woman played a reporter.

Sorry about that - edited to make it brighter.

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Criminal Minds - Season 7 (Behind the Scenes)

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Always fun! Robin Tunney makes a funny face behind the scenes of #TheMentalist Season 1

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Criminal Minds 7.04 Painless-Behind The Scenes

<3 Lol Paget & Thomas are the best!!

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They are too funny to me!!! <333

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