Multifandom - SAIL

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New cases, endless impossibilities.
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Fringe Promo 4x02 “One Night In October”

“This season, some things, are different, and some things, can never be changed, mind blowing cases, terrifying threats, startling phenomena, and the greatest mystery yet, WHERE IS PETER BISHOP?”

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FRINGE | s04e01 | Neither Here Nor There

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Truth be told, we’re neither here nor there

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Freaking Flawless People

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Peter Bishop: Hello Walter 
Dr. Walter Bishop: I thought you’d be fatter. 
Peter Bishop: You thought I would be fatter. Excellent. First words, perfect. 
Dr. Walter Bishop: No, no. As a boy you were rounder. 
Peter Bishop: Yes, I was. Until the summer before high school, not that I’d expect you to remember that. 

Best scene in the pilot.

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