Can you talk about how your characters fit into the [Frozen] story? [x]

"What happens when Emma and Elsa actually talk about the fact that they both have magic they can’t control, that they feel different from everybody else, that’s it’s really hard to let people in. Those were the things that excited us."

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Revenge is sweet

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Is there a moment coming up in the next season that you can’t wait for the fans to see?

Josh “life is a photoshoot” Dallas (feat. Colin O’Donoghue) at SDCC ‘14


Post-SDCC Twitter recap [x, x, x, x]

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My attempt at redemption for saying I practically ship chloe and brett…but….I still do…im sorry😫💑👐 Yes im aware they’re like best friends please let up on the haterade

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Fuck, Marry, or Kill with Sleepy Hollow Cast - George Washington, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin



Agents of SHIELD cast DigitalSpy interview

Even the wider cast gets it. Ward can never, I repeat, NEVER, just say “sorry about that” and return to the team, BUT it is not impossible to understand where he came from, and why he did what he did. Also, people aren’t born evil, even though it’s also understandable that the main characters will find it difficult to forgive Ward for everything.

Which is basically what we’ve been saying: redemption and atonement are PAYING FOR ONE’S SINS, not whitewashing them and saying it doesn’t matter or that Ward has done no wrong. But given that even Ward has no idea who he is, deep inside, therein lays his hope of redemption. He’s not too far gone, and the cast acknowledges this.